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The vision for NEC is to advance, equip and inspire the Christian community in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, through  theological and Biblical training and reflection, effective leadership training, and promoting reconciliation and unity within the body of Christ.



Greetings from NEC President

It has been nearly seven months since the onset of war in our region and October 7th. The conflict has stirred immense tension within the country, leaving its people gripped by uncertainty and fear. Many are facing serious financial circumstances, and socially, relations between citizens in the country are broken. Above all, there is widespread suffering endured by innocent people on both sides In short, people are lost, feeling both hopeless and helpless.

In such dark times, the message of the Gospel, the message of true hope, is very much needed. These dark times call for peacemakers, and amidst the darkness, NEC remains steadfast in its mission to cultivate Christian leaders who embody God's values, expand God’s Kingdom, and share its values in this land. Despite the hardship, we are very proud of our faculty who are seeking ways to share the gospel in different ways and build bridges with the wider faith communities. In such dark times, we want to thank you for your continuous prayers and support, and hope you continue doing that.


Rev. Azar Ajaj

President of Nazareth Evangelical College

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